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Bee Natural Uganda offers high quality products to the market. BNU Honey


Bee Natural Honey is recognised as probably the best honey in the East African region - We have a dominant market share of 70%  in Uganda and, within 2 months of entereing the Kenyan market  arenow the 2nd fastest selling honey in Kenya.

Our natural honey comes in a variety of glass jars of 250gm, 500gm and 1kg and food grade plastic containers of 500gm and 250gm.  We have also introduced a new product into the markey - Chunk honey.

Bees wax:

BNU Bees wax

We produce Beeswax sheets for hive baits, Beeswax blocks for sale and speciality Candles for those unique occasions




We offer Propolis Tincture and Propolis Ointment